Early Orthodontics Ensures Best Results With Least Amount of Expenses

Orthodontist SeattleEarly orthodontic treatment can provide a positive oral impact on your child at an early age. It can deal with a mixture of jaw and teeth issues ensuring best results with the least amount of time and expenses.

Why receive treatment at such an early age? The American Association of Orthodontics recommends children receive an orthodontic screening at the age of seven. This is when permanent teeth start to erupt, allowing your orthodontist in Seattle determine if any orthodontic problems become apparent and determining the next level of treatment.

When a child’s jaw starts to develop – At the ages of six and seven, your child’s jaw starts to grow, and early orthodontic treatment takes advantage of that growth. It allows us to address any early orthodontic concerns such as crowding and jaw misalignment. We can possibly help teeth erupt into better positions to avoid crowding and save your child’s permanent teeth from possible extractions.

One possible solution is a device called a palatal expander, which expands the child’s upper dental arch. This results with the better chance of the rest of your child’s teeth to emerge into its proper position.

That’s just one example of the many of other early orthodontic treatments we can provide for your children. We also use early orthodontics to:

  • Correct an improper bite
  • Create space for crowded teeth
  • Help guide your child’s jaw growth
  • Prevent tooth extractions
  • Improve minor speech problems
  • Create facial symmetry

We work with children of all ages and smiles every day. We strongly encourage you to schedule your child’s orthodontic evaluation and let our top orthodontists make the start of your child’s oral care worthwhile.

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