“Dentists” Does Not Always Mean Orthodontists

Have you ever been approached by a dentist that he or she can do metal braces at a cheaper price? Before you jump into this investment, it’s best to determine whether that dentist has the appropriate credentials and specialized training to be called an orthodontist.

Why? The treatment could result into more smile problems than when you started. A Canadian newspaper, Global News, wrote an excellent article how dentists can be trained in orthodontics, but they’re not actual orthodontists.

Orthodontics in Seattle. Buyer Beware!

Global News visited 18-year-old Alec Stephen who received orthodontic treatment from her dentist – “who said he could do the job of an orthodontists for a lower price.”

Eighteen months later, Alec ended up with a more pronounced overbite and her teeth were further apart.

“She [Alec] believed her dentist was a professional and that she could trust him. She eventually had to have the braces removed by an orthodontist in Winnipeg.”

What should you look for?

Ask if your doctor is a certified specialist – See if your orthodontist is certified and affiliated with recognized specialty groups such as the Canadian Association of Orthodontists or American Association of Orthodontists.

Being members of these groups proves the specialist has been formally trained for an extra 2-3 years after their dental school training. While dentists do receive some orthodontic training, it is only skills learned over a weekend.

At Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics, our doctors are certified orthodontists. Drs. Leone and Vaughn are both members of the American Association of Orthodontists, the Washington State Society of Orthodontists, and the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists.

Their passion for orthodontics has earned them the honor of being the top orthodontists throughout the Pacific Northwest. When you invest your time in our orthodontics in Seattle, we are confident you will love your smile. The proof is in our smile gallery!

Please contact us today to get your treatment started!

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