Get to Know Our Orthodontic Assistants

All of our patients are unique, which is why each orthodontist in our Seattle, WA, practice works hard to personalize each of our patients’ care suited to their needs. This cannot be completed without a team who is dedicated to deliver exceptional orthodontic care. We … Read More > “Get to Know Our Orthodontic Assistants”

Invisalign: Kicking Metal Braces to the Curb

Are you still using a black and white TV with those finicky rabbit ears? An 8-track? A manual typewriter that dings at the end of each line? Highly unlikely! While still useable, past technologies pale in significance compared to the obvious benefits from new and … Read More > “Invisalign: Kicking Metal Braces to the Curb”

It’s Never Too Late to Rock Out Orthodontics

As a successful adult, the idea of sporting metal braces does not seem to be an appealing option. Does this mean that you’ve missed the boat to gain gorgeous, beautifully aligned teeth and are stuck with only two choices—either disliking your crooked smile, or having … Read More > “It’s Never Too Late to Rock Out Orthodontics”

Invisalign Teen: A Solution You and Your Teen Will Love

When it comes to you and your teenage children, there are things you’ll always have a difficult time agreeing on—curfew time, clothing styles, music, and if it’s indeed their turn to take the garbage out. Agreeing on Something Finally When it comes to their smile, … Read More > “Invisalign Teen: A Solution You and Your Teen Will Love”