AcceleDent: Reducing Your Orthodontic Time by 50%

How would you like to smile faster? When you commit to our stellar Seattle orthodontics, you can decrease your treatment time with our newest technology AcceleDent. What is AcceleDent? This easy-to-use device is designed for faster orthodontic treatment. For 20 minutes every day, AcceleDent uses … Read More > “AcceleDent: Reducing Your Orthodontic Time by 50%”

How affordable is Invisalign?

You may be dreaming of gaining a straight, beautiful smile with Invisalign, but the cost of it may be the reason you shy away from this treatment. However, Invisalign is actually quite affordable and usually comparable to the cost of traditional orthodontics. According to Invisalign, treatment … Read More > “How affordable is Invisalign?”

Why We Love Orthodontics to Help You

We take great pride in watching our patients’ lives change during the progress of their treatment. They can walk out of our office, smiling with confidence with a straight smile. Each orthodontist in our Seattle office has completed extensive training and gained vast amounts of … Read More > “Why We Love Orthodontics to Help You”