Protect Your Teeth and Help a Good Cause

Get a brand new custom SportsGuard from your Seattle Orthodontists at LVO.

An LVO patient loving his brand new custom SportsGuard.

Spring has sprung in Washington (finally…) and with it comes a busload of outdoor activity, including spring sports! Furthermore, May has been declared National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and it certainly is a great time to get out and play!

All of us here at Leone and Vaughn Orthodontics are excited to see the local youth performing on the field, and as your Seattle orthodontists we want to remind you to protect you and your children’s precious teeth while you’re out there! Wearing a custom-fit mouthguard is something that often goes overlooked in sports, especially those that don’t mandate requirement of them (baseball/softball and soccer, we’re looking at you).

So to help you protect your child’s teeth in every sport, we are doing a special fundraiser to help out one of our favorite organizations, Mary’s Place.

“Mary’s Place offers programs and serviced in a welcoming and accepting environment where homeless women and their children can build community, enrich their days and find resources to restore their lives.” — Mary’s Place


All SportsGuards proceeds between now and August 1, 2014 will benefit a special Mary’s Place event.


As part of encouraging patients to protect their mouth we are offering a discounted price to those patients that are getting braces removed and or getting most other types of appliances delivered.

It’s a win-win! Your child gets optimal protection for their teeth on the field, and the proceeds go to an amazing cause!


Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Imagine your daughter is playing soccer and the ball flies in the air toward her. She jumps in the air to head the ball, but so does the opposing player. Their heads collide in midair, and she falls to the ground, holding her mouth and wincing in pain.

Or your son is up to bat for his baseball team in the bottom of the 9th inning. He swings and the ball takes a wild bounce directly at his mouth. That’s exactly what happens in the video below.

All of a sudden, an emergency trip to the dentist is needed — something every parent dreads.


We don’t say this to scare you, only to illustrate the reality of how quickly injuries can happen in sports and the importance of taking steps to prevent them before they can happen.

You’d be surprised at how easily teeth can be injured in sports without a proper mouthguard in place, and it happens all too often, especially for sports that don’t mandate a mouthguard be worn, like baseball and soccer. For football and lacrosse, dental injuries can still happen because of improperly fitting store-bought mouthguards.

For more information about the importance of a custom mouthguard in sports, click here.

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