Invest in Your Smile and Health with Braces

Braces do more than just ensure an attractive smile and boost your self-confidence. They also help to prevent against serious oral health problems.

Braces SeattleBraces are a great way to re-align smile imperfections and produce head-turning smiles. But by helping to relieve crowding and overlapping of teeth, they also make it easier to clean and floss your teeth properly – protecting you from gum disease. Crafting a breath-taking, healthy smile for you is our goal.

Your smile is as individual as you are. At Leone and Vaughn we recognize that individuality and offer a variety of orthodontic options to our clients. Each option addresses different needs and outcomes and Drs. Leone and Vaughn can help you find the right option for you.

Orthodontic Options Available for Braces Seattle:

Schedule a comprehensive consultation to see which option is right for your braces. Seattle orthodontic experts Leone and Vaughn will be happy to help you.

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