Dr. Vaughn a Top Seattle Orthodontist!

seattle orthodontistWe know how amazing our doctors are. We know how hard they work to stay on top of all the new developments in patient care, and we know that they take excellent care of everyone who walks through their office doors. Our patients tell us this daily. However, we still appreciate it when OTHERS recognize the excellence that our doctors work so hard to provide!

Our Top Seattle Orthodontist

Dr. Gregory Vaughn, Seattle Orthodontist, has been named a Top Orthodontist by the Seattle Met once again!

And while this isn’t news to us, we do appreciate that others see what we see on a daily basis. That Dr. Vaughn is a true professional, an artist, and a scientist that works hard to create beautiful smiles for everyone.

Thank you for all your hard work Dr. Vaughn! This is an honor well earned, and we are proud of you!

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