Leone and Vaughn LOVE the Bellevue West Little League!

Drs. Leone and Vaughn are big supporters of their community and your child’s health in many ways. One of the ways they support both is by sponsoring the Bellevue West Little League.

This is a wonderful organization that provides the opportunity for boys and girls ages 4-14 to participate in either baseball, soft ball or T-ball leagues. Leone and Vaughn believe that participating in programs like this is a great way for kids to build self esteem, stay healthy and spend time out side!

From the site of the Bellevue West Little League:

“Our vision is to positively impact every boy and girl & the West Bellevue Community through little league.  We believe that little league baseball is not just a game, it’s an opportunity to help positively shape the leaders of tomorrow for our community.  We know that every boy and girl is a champion and our goal is for each one of them to know that for themselves.”

Drs. Leone and Vaughn are happy to do their part in bringing such a positive opportunity to the kids in the Bellevue community. Summerball registration is open now so go to their site today and check out the programs available!



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