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Your orthodontic dentists in Seattle know a thing or two about food. We know how food interacts with the enamel, the consequences of leaving food in the crevasses of your teeth, and we know all too well the feeling of joy after a good meal! If you’re new to our office or are looking to broaden your culinary vision, check out the top 3 good eats around town (as told by your Seattle orthodontic dentists).

A Dentist’s Guide To Good Eats In Bellevue & Seattle


Community Page icons - GREY-01 Portage Bay

This is the ultimate breakfast spot for us. At every visit, you consistently enjoy a great home-cooked breakfast in all locations you go to. The home style, loving atmosphere adds to your mood throughout the day and their delicious meals keep you going until lunch time. Don’t forget to hit up that toppings bar, it’s to die for!



Community Page icons - GREY-02Number 6 Cider

You can’t miss out on the Pacific Northwest’s home-brewed treats. Number 6’s wonderful selection of ciders awakens the palate and mind to new experiences in a fun and unique setting. Even better, it’s right by our Interbay location so you can swing by for a cold one after your visit!



Community Page icons - GREY-03Storyville Coffee Company

Coffee and the Seahawks are among Seattle’s most prominent deities. Although a good ol’ Starbucks can do the trick, it’s nice to reminisce in an authentic espresso experience at the Storyville Coffee Company in good company or with your thoughts.



Good Food = Good Times


Trust us, these suggestions have been carefully researched and tested by die-hard Seahawk fans and PNW locals. We hope all our patients, neighbors, and friends will support our local businesses the way they support us with good grub and brimming mugs!


Cheers to a good time,

Your orthodontic dentists in Seattle & Bellevue.


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