2016 WSSO Annual Meeting | Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics Seattle

Leone and Vaughn Orthodontics Team eager to start taking notes at the WSSO 2016!

At Leone & Vaughn, your orthodontists in Seattle are on the vanguard of the best care available for you. Learn about our recent attendance on Friday, February 26th at the the 2016 WSSO (Washington State Society of Orthodontics) Annual Meeting and what this means for you.

This exciting annual meeting is designed to inform and educate doctors and dental staff on new and upcoming concepts, techniques, and materials within the orthodontic field.

WSSO 2016 Dr. Davis Seattle Orthodontist

Dr. Davis introducing the first speaker at the conference

Four different sessions were available the day of the WSSO 2016 annual meeting, each session discussing a different topic related to orthodontic procedures, protocols, and compliance.

  1. Dr. Kokich Jr. on “Excellence in Orthodontics -The Interdisciplinary Team”
  2. Dr. Molen on “Tomorrow’s Orthodontic Practice, Today”
  3. Paul Gangs on “Reducing Bond Failure”
  4. Gary Zalesky “The Passion Centered Person”
Leone and Vaughn Orthodontics Team eager to start taking notes at the WSSO 2016!

Leone and Vaughn Orthodontics Team eager to start taking notes at the WSSO 2016!

What did Leone & Vaughn learn at the WSSO 2016?

Our doctors and staff attended the meeting to help educate, inform as well as team-build for a stronger, healthier Orthodontic office for our patients and community. In the industry of oral health care, we believe it is extremely important to be always willing to better and further our education in order to provide the best quality care to our patients.
By continuing to learn and improve ourselves as medical providers, our entire staff becomes more adept and passionate about what we have to offer to our Seattle community. In turn, our community is better served and happier with our results. These shared experiences are important because they foster a sense of teamwork. We can’t pass up on the opportunity to learn and build team unity.

How does the Seattle community benefit from our attendance?

We believe that absorbing the knowledge and experience of seasons experts at the 2016 WSSO meeting created a stronger relationship with other orthodontic offices. We all shared stories and experiences that in the end will help build a stronger vision and team.

Together, we conquer. Sometimes, as an office we can become complacent in our routine; so, to fan the fire of how we change peoples lives for the better, we attend events such as the WSSO.

Seattle Orthodontists LVO at the WSSO Annual Meeting 2016

Seattle Orthodontists LVO at the WSSO Annual Meeting 2016

What does the LVO team think of the 2016 WWSO event?

“Great event, useful tips and information that we can use in the office and chairside” – Becca

“Great team building event for the staff and doctors” – Kelsy

“Can’t wait for next year, we want to make sure the team learns and grows together!” – Dr. Davis


The 2 most impactful sessions we attended were Dr. Molen’s lecture on Social Media and Gary Zalesky’s lecture about finding passion.

Thanks to Dr. Molen, we are motivated and poised to share more timely experiences of our Orthodontic and Invisalign patients on social media.

Thanks to Gary Zalesky, we have a renewed zeal and appreciation for the talented, hardworking, and unique group of people who make a difference in our practice and community.

Thank You

After a day spent understanding how you – our patients – will benefit from the way we manage our online presence and how we as Doctors can keep things simple with adult cases, we are determined to show our community that we love them by stepping up our game as your preferred orthodontists in Seattle.


Over to you, what would you like to see improved in our orthodontic dental practice?

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