3 Restaurants That Make Everybody Love Seattle | LVO Orthodontic Dentists

Your orthodontic dentists in Seattle know a thing or two about food. We know how food interacts with the enamel, the consequences of leaving food in the crevasses of your teeth, and we know all too well the feeling of joy after a good meal! … Read More > “3 Restaurants That Make Everybody Love Seattle | LVO Orthodontic Dentists”

Dr. Paola Leone Honored as Top Doc 2015

Seattle Met Top Dentist List Includes Leone & Vaughn Again! Dr. Leone has always worked very hard to keep educated in the latest advancements to be sure she is bringing her patients the best possible care. You can see by the happy, healthy and beautiful smiles of … Read More > “Dr. Paola Leone Honored as Top Doc 2015”

Why We Love Orthodontics to Help You

We take great pride in watching our patients’ lives change during the progress of their treatment. They can walk out of our office, smiling with confidence with a straight smile. Each orthodontist in our Seattle office has completed extensive training and gained vast amounts of … Read More > “Why We Love Orthodontics to Help You”

Why Leaving a Review is Important for Local Businesses!

Did you enjoy your time with our orthodontists in Seattle? We value your opinion and strive to make sure your experience with us is a positive one. The success of Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics is enveloped around our patients’ feedback, which is why we would … Read More > “Why Leaving a Review is Important for Local Businesses!”

Get to Know Our Orthodontic Assistants

All of our patients are unique, which is why each orthodontist in our Seattle, WA, practice works hard to personalize each of our patients’ care suited to their needs. This cannot be completed without a team who is dedicated to deliver exceptional orthodontic care. We … Read More > “Get to Know Our Orthodontic Assistants”

It’s Never Too Late to Rock Out Orthodontics

As a successful adult, the idea of sporting metal braces does not seem to be an appealing option. Does this mean that you’ve missed the boat to gain gorgeous, beautifully aligned teeth and are stuck with only two choices—either disliking your crooked smile, or having … Read More > “It’s Never Too Late to Rock Out Orthodontics”

Meet Dr. Gregory Vaughn

We’ve highlighted Dr. Paola Leone’s accomplishments at our practice. Now, we would like to introduce our other amazing doctor, Dr. Gregory Vaughn. Dr. Vaughn is a local in the state of Washington, being born in our state’s capitol, Olympia, Washington. He even earned his bachelor … Read More > “Meet Dr. Gregory Vaughn”

Meet Dr. Paola Leone

At Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics, we have top-qualified orthodontists who can turn dull, dingy smiles into  masterpieces with countless orthodontic options. One of our amazing doctors is Dr. Paola Leone. Dr. Leone was born and raised in Bari, Italy. Her studious and hardworking personality gave … Read More > “Meet Dr. Paola Leone”

Spring Beckons For a Fresh and Crisp Smile

Can you smell the spring aroma? It’s that time of year to set our clocks one hour forward and prepare for our favorite spring-related activities. Whether you’re planning to graduate or participating in your favorite spring sport, we can always help you better your life … Read More > “Spring Beckons For a Fresh and Crisp Smile”