Help Wanted! Write an Online Review about Your Dental Experience

Whether you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, choosing a hotel, or deciding which dentist to trust, online reviews can influence your decisions.   Why Patient Online Reviews Rule to our Orthodontist in Seattle   If you’ve visited Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics, you’ve no doubt formed … Read More > “Help Wanted! Write an Online Review about Your Dental Experience”

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions | Holiday Survival Guide

With the New Year around the corner, is there an aspect of your life you want to improve? Check out this infographic on the top 10 New Year’s resolutions and see if you can relate: Share your resolution with your Seattle orthodontists by commenting below!

5 Fantastic Non-alcoholic Holiday Drinks | Holiday Survival Guide

These easy-to-make drinks can liven up your party for people of all ages. What are you waiting for? Start concocting your favorites from this list! What are your favorite holiday drinks? Share with our Seattle orthodontics team!

Beat the Black Friday Crowds with these Tips | Holiday Survival Guide

Cha-ching! Statistics show in 2012, the Black Friday long weekend brought in millions of shoppers and $59.1 billion in sales. On November 29, 2013, will you be fighting the crowds to scope out Black Friday’s offerings? As part of our “Holiday Survival Tips” series, here are a … Read More > “Beat the Black Friday Crowds with these Tips | Holiday Survival Guide”

What’s it Like to Live With Invisalign?

If you have been avoiding orthodontic treatment because you do not want to change your daily routine, Invisalign can be the solution for you! Not only will it discreetly straighten your smile, it will have a minimal impact on your everyday life! Too good to … Read More > “What’s it Like to Live With Invisalign?”

Please Help Us By Writing a Review

We truly care about every one of our patients, and it’s gratifying to see their lives change when we craft and maintain their smiles. We offer exhilarating services that has earned the respect and confidence from all of our patients. We love the community and … Read More > “Please Help Us By Writing a Review”

Let May be the Month of Giving Thanks

May is a busy month for many people throughout Washington. Maybe you are finally finishing college, looking forward to walk and receive your diploma. Or, you could be planning an extravagant Mother’s Day lunch for your mother. Whatever the story, May is a beautiful month … Read More > “Let May be the Month of Giving Thanks”

Meet Dr. Gregory Vaughn

We’ve highlighted Dr. Paola Leone’s accomplishments at our practice. Now, we would like to introduce our other amazing doctor, Dr. Gregory Vaughn. Dr. Vaughn is a local in the state of Washington, being born in our state’s capitol, Olympia, Washington. He even earned his bachelor … Read More > “Meet Dr. Gregory Vaughn”

How Are You Making April Worthwhile? Let Us Give You Some Ideas

While we ache for the summer rays to soak up our skin, April entails many holidays that will take your mind off the longings for summer. April 15th is Tax Day This is the last day to file your taxes! After a whole year of … Read More > “How Are You Making April Worthwhile? Let Us Give You Some Ideas”