Meet Dr. Paola Leone

At Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics, we have top-qualified orthodontists who can turn dull, dingy smiles into  masterpieces with countless orthodontic options. One of our amazing doctors is Dr. Paola Leone. Dr. Leone was born and raised in Bari, Italy. Her studious and hardworking personality gave … Read More > “Meet Dr. Paola Leone”

Spring Beckons For a Fresh and Crisp Smile

Can you smell the spring aroma? It’s that time of year to set our clocks one hour forward and prepare for our favorite spring-related activities. Whether you’re planning to graduate or participating in your favorite spring sport, we can always help you better your life … Read More > “Spring Beckons For a Fresh and Crisp Smile”

Let Your Smile Dazzle For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here. It means about $1 billion worth of chocolate will be sold and 73% of men will rush to the local florists to buy flowers. February 14th is the day where you and your loved one can affectionately display your love … Read More > “Let Your Smile Dazzle For Your Valentine”

Stay Socially Connected With Your Local Orthodontists

If you’re experiencing tooth guilt from indulging in holiday feasts, Drs. Leone and Vaughn can take the guilt away with their advanced skills of orthodontics in Seattle to enhance your smile’s health and beauty. In fact, interacting with your orthodontists goes beyond your normal orthodontic … Read More > “Stay Socially Connected With Your Local Orthodontists”

Start 2013 With Your Local Orthodontists

Welcome to the new year! As you leave 2012 behind, make a fresh and healthy start with 2013 by obtaining your orthodontic goals. Whether you want to achieve your Hollywood smile or realign your teeth, Seattle orthodontist, Dr. Leone and her partner Dr. Vaughn want … Read More > “Start 2013 With Your Local Orthodontists”

Stay Connected With Leone and Vaughn

At Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics, your relationship with Drs. Leone and Vaughn is much more than a patient-orthodontist basis. You are part of the family. They stay connected with you because they want your orthodontic experience to be comfortable and memorable. Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics … Read More > “Stay Connected With Leone and Vaughn”