Sleep Apnea: Can My Orthodontist Help?

At Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics our goal is to help you maintain good oral health and a spectacular smile. But, did you know that our orthodontists can also help you get relief from the debilitating effects of sleep apnea? Consider this FAQ about sleep apnea and the … Read More > “Sleep Apnea: Can My Orthodontist Help?”

Sleep Apnea Could Be Ruining Your Life!

THAT NIGHT TIME SNORE SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED! Is your body begging for help? Ask yourself the following questions: Are you having difficulty losing weight? Are you having difficulty with memory or learning problems and not being able to concentrate? Does snoring complicate your personal … Read More > “Sleep Apnea Could Be Ruining Your Life!”

Sleep Apnea: Treating You Beyond Straight Teeth

When you hear the name Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics, it is a common notion we only provide orthodontic treatments. However, orthodontics is much more than straightening teeth. It is also correcting your bite to prevent extreme cases such as sleep apnea. Believe it or not, … Read More > “Sleep Apnea: Treating You Beyond Straight Teeth”