interested in clear braces?

Clear or Metal?

interested in clear braces?

If you want a less noticeable treatment, clear braces could be the answer; find out! Request an appointment at one of our offices in the Seattle and Bellevue area.

We use In-Ovation Self-Ligating Brackets. We offer either clear ceramic brackets or traditional metal brackets.

In-Ovation self-ligating brackets have been recognized as an industry leader for over a decade. The precision and quality built into these brackets offers repeatable success, practice efficiencies and beautiful results every time.


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Common questions about clear braces

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Yes! Although clear braces are a little bigger than metal braces, the effectiveness of the orthodontic treatment and overall treatment time aren’t affected by the difference in the size, shape, or appearance of the ceramic braces.
No. The braces are made from a special ceramic material with a rhodium processed clip for enhanced esthetics. This makes clear braces the perfect fit for patients concerned with the appearance of their braces.
No. Unfortunately the technology has not caught up to the desire for clear or white-coated wires. Studies indicate that these wires aren’t as effective as the wires we typically use. Rest assured, as soon as reliable evidence supports the use of clear wires, we will use them.
Clear braces can be used for both children and adults. Clear braces are typically placed on the upper teeth, and depending on the patient’s bite, occasionally placed on the lower teeth.
As with any orthodontic treatment, the cost varies with each patient. With that said, clear braces are generally more costly than metal braces.
No. Our self-ligating brackets are innovatively designed with a door that secures the wire in place, making the braces less noticeable.