7 Tips to Host a Wonderful Party (Just in Time for the Holidays)!

Lights! Family! Desserts! The holiday season can be an exhilarating time! But, for many, it can also be a tad on the stressful side – especially when it comes to entertaining. Each year, there seems to be more pressure to host the perfect party … … Read More > “7 Tips to Host a Wonderful Party (Just in Time for the Holidays)!”

Wear Those Rubber Bands with Pride!

Although we know they can be uncomfortable and kind of dorky looking, rubber bands are a very important part of your orthodontic treatment. They work along with your braces to help achieve a beautiful smile and a great bite. Being faithful about wearing your rubber … Read More > “Wear Those Rubber Bands with Pride!”

Sleep Apnea Could Be Ruining Your Life!

THAT NIGHT TIME SNORE SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED! Is your body begging for help? Ask yourself the following questions: Are you having difficulty losing weight? Are you having difficulty with memory or learning problems and not being able to concentrate? Does snoring complicate your personal … Read More > “Sleep Apnea Could Be Ruining Your Life!”

Protect Your Teeth and Help a Good Cause

An LVO patient loving his brand new custom SportsGuard. Spring has sprung in Washington (finally…) and with it comes a busload of outdoor activity, including spring sports! Furthermore, May has been declared National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and it certainly is a great time … Read More > “Protect Your Teeth and Help a Good Cause”

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions | Holiday Survival Guide

With the New Year around the corner, is there an aspect of your life you want to improve? Check out this infographic on the top 10 New Year’s resolutions and see if you can relate: Share your resolution with your Seattle orthodontists by commenting below!